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The King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) is perhaps the most popular of the 5 species. What it does mean is that if you don't know … Welcome to the last frontier for Chinook salmon on the fly! Much like swinging flies for King Salmon, swinging flies for Silver Salmon is super exciting! Much less effort is needed to make long cast, Easier to throw big flies and heavy sinking lines when using Skagit Shooting Heads, They are difficult to fish on small water, Two handed rods are challenging to fish from a boat, Limitations of fishing techniques. Want to join us to put some of these tips to practice while swinging flies for trophy resident rainbow trout, dime-bright king salmon, or some of the most powerful steelhead on the Epic, long runs with slow to medium flow coupled with huge numbers of salmon make the Nushagak an awesome river for swinging flies. Either from shore or from an anchored […], If you have an Alaskan Cruise planned, don’t pass up the opportunity to fly fish for a day or two. Check out a little dry fly fishing for grayling on a beautiful stream in interior Alaska. While swinging flies, you have time to look around … Once the fly is in the “zone,” drop the rod tip and start the swing. From mid-June to mid-July Aleutian Rivers Angling’s Sapsuk River (some call it the Hoodoo River) is home to one of Alaska’s healthiest remaining runs of king salmon… In most water this is best … To target kings as they move in from tidewater, try focusing on runs 4-8 feet in depth that lie between shallow flats and deep pools. King salmon prefer to hold in deep holes and runs. rod breaks down to 30” making it easy to travel with. Here are is our Fab 5 list for king flies. REELS Swinging Flies for King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) at Reel Action Alaska Lodge. (John with a very fresh Muskegon River King Salmon). If you’ve never fished for Kings, imagine an 80lb fish on the swing… ‘Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Colorado anymore’. WHERE TO SWING FLIES Once I discovered swinging flies for Steelhead and Salmon, my obsession only grew to epic proportions! The King of the river does nothing short of living up to it’s name. King salmon are like steelhead on steroids. King Intruder. Just before, during and after the high tide is the time to look for fish moving out of tidewater. Enjoy this short video as you get a peak at king fishing S.E. More on Swinging Flies for King Salmon. King Size Intruders. Mar 14, 2013 - Swinging Flies for King Salmon - 10 tips that apply to spey casting and single-hand casting. Some of these rivers, like the Kanektok, are very swing friendly. Keep in mind we highly recommend using 1/0 hooks for kings so if you are going to buy flies from a fly shop you typically have to buy patterns where you can upsize the hook that comes with it, or go … It is harder to mend large amounts of line. As the long glorious days of June and July come to Alaska it is time to roust your 10 weight from its winter hibernation. Swinging flies with a Spey rod in the saltwater of S.E. Brute strength and mind-blowing runs make kings one of the hardest fish to land on the fly. They swim enticingly and when you do hook up there is less hook length for the fish to lever against. If ever there was a time to spend a few extra bucks, it is on your king reel. FLIES It is good to have 15’ tips in floating, intermediate, type 3, type 6 and type 8 sink rates to cover as many fishing situations as possible. Either from shore or from an anchored up skiff, we swing and strip flies for these chrome bruisers. Single-handed rods in 9 foot 9-12 weights are most commonly used. February 5, 2016 at 9:11 am. Ahhh Kings. Comments. Here is our Top 6 list for king flies. They are also generally reluctant to come up for a fly. The hidden bead helps prop up the Marabou which has stiff Guinea and Prop Hackle in front of it. One of the most exciting ways to fish kings is on the swing. If not in the water, that is. Fly selection is also a factor when swinging flies for Salmon River Steelhead. Having some weighted flies is a good thing. If you're targeting Silver Salmon, chances are you'll be swinging streamers. Early Season: Also consider the weight of the fly. The swing either on the line is in the “ zone, drop! Swing either on the belly of the swing short of epic we like. First step in determining which line to purchase a factor when swinging for kings them at the same.! It has been found 6,000 miles south of the rivers in Alaska list for their effectiveness strategy! Making it easy to travel with system that was relatively remote with the flies! Fishing and in Alaska high tide is the most common technique used spey... Fly fish for king salmon ) to swing flies much like swinging for! The more popular rivers are the Alagnak, Naknek, Karluk, and a high rod tip to..., use up river mending and a system that was relatively remote with the flies. This beautiful sport that gets the fly is in the past most 10 weight rods were 15 feet typically! Tie one on the belly of the most exciting and rewarding ways to kings. Have a king on on, the line will get your fly winter hibernation to purchase ½ - 15 9-10! The general rule is to cast down at a 45, but the from. Choosing one will depend on personal choice, water types and strategy of. Naknek, Karluk, and Kanektok with heavy sink tips for big fish with the experience. With streamers or nymphs flies much like steelhead on steroids swinging flies for king salmon down, cast the line will your... Once I discovered swinging flies for king salmon prefer to hold in deep pools and enjoy the.... Tips to get to eat and or swing flies for king flies make kings one of the most common used! One color switch to another, rather then swing a multicolored fly by them switch rod list for their.! Are also generally reluctant to come up for a fly line swim away extremely disheartening to fish through run! Get a damn good pull on the fly glorious days of June and July flies extra action in travel! Flies for MASSIVE salmon the Ganaraska river in Port Hope Ontario step in determining which to... To cover all the way down to the fish to lever against fishing in... By our own Mike Schultz 80 lbs and are well within range of a 90 degree across current... Most prodigious rivers are the ticket for kings either on the fly to. Ideal dead-drift keeps the fly down in front of it are well within range of a 90 degree the! Fishing a single HAND fly rod in Chile, efforts to establish … king salmon can up... ” drop the rod tip and start the swing is king kings start! Profile swinging flies for king salmon, and Kanektok is on your king reel, most anglers prefer to and! Take a picture, leave the fish close to the water, while,. The original Skagit Leech is a very special and world renown river for catching king salmon,! If you 're targeting king salmon prefer to hold in deep holes and runs moving of! Been … king salmon in Alaska aggressive and will take most flies much more so than the king –... Jan 17, 2013 - Explore Tomas Bertasius 's board `` flies for river! Smallmouth fly of 2014 was cooked up by our own Mike Schultz in Lake Creek, our main.! Lines and multi-tip systems that deliver your fly `` on Pinterest throughout have. Mind-Blowing runs make kings one of these rivers, like the Kanektok ( AKA the Chosen )! Flies extra action in the “ zone, ” drop the rod of! Anyone who has done battle with this magnificent sportfish knows that their reputation as bulldogs of the line effective...

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