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5. Was this review helpful to you? Alex suddenly finds herself in 1981 interacting with familiar characters, not just from her own life-time, but also from the detailed reports logged by none other than Sam Tyler, which Alex has previously spent months pouring over. See which shows are starting and returning this January, See which shows are starting and returning this month, View the full list of networks shows status as they stand at present. Police drama set in the 1980s. Rate. Request it now, or vote for other shows on the list, A handle lets you share your Calendar and Profile with others, Read the latest news about your favourite shows and updates about the TV Calendar, Securely log in to your account to view your filter and profile, An account will save your setting permanently, Choose a custom show specific background for your Calendar, Securely reset your password if you are locked out of your account, Use forgotten password if you are locked out, Hopefully answers some of your questions about the TV Calendar. 0. Life On Mars was always going to be a tough act to follow. 2. In fact he has evidence of their corruption and is fleeing for his life. Ashes to Ashes. 7. View the full list of currently airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the full list of cancelled or no longer airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the list of your selected shows having episodes that you have not yet watched, View the shows you've hidden from being counted in your profile, Is your favourite show not on the Calendar? Rate . If you want to continue to explore the fascinating world of "WandaVision," we have you covered with some inspired recommendations. Single mother to daughter Molly, Alex has rapidly risen through the ranks of the Met and, in the modern world of 2008, skilfully uses psychological profiling to capture suspects. Rate. Episode 5. DCI Jim Keats has been sent to investigate the shooting of Alex and is breathing down everyone's necks. Ashes to Ashes returns for the third and final series - and it starts with a shock for DI Alex Drake. ashes to ashes icons. Reactions : Add Review ^ "Press Office – Ashes To Ashes series three press pack: cast and production team". 02. Ashes to Ashes Season 3 Episode 1: Series 3, Episode 1 Summary: Alex finds herself back in 1983 after having been shot by Gene. ^ Den of Geek, "Ashes to Ashes series 3 interview: co-creator & writer Matthew Graham" by Simon Brew. Episode 6 Ashes to Ashes Series 3. A second series began broadcasting in April 2009. While in the process of this, Drake is shot and awakes in 1981, where she meets Gene Hunt (Philip Glenis­ter), Ray Car­ling (Dean An­drews) and Chris Skel­ton (Mar­shall Lan­caster) whom she has read about in Tyler's notes. Ashes to Ashes is a 3 season series following on from the previous two seasons series of Life On Mars. 09. 6. Directed by Philip John. Ashes to Ashes Season 3 Episode 2: Series 3, Episode 2 Summary: A human hand is discovered by DC Chris Skelton as he opens the post leading to Gene and the team investigating a murder. Life On Mars was always going to be a tough act to follow. Rate. Two loutish policemen, Litton and Bevan, whom Hunt knew in Manchester, turn up on his patch in pursuit of ageing comic Frank Hardwick,who has allegedly robbed the Police Widows Fund. [PDF] Mountain Language: AND "Ashes to Ashes": Ashes to Ashes (Faber Plays) Popular Collection Watch Ashes To Ashes S03e03 - austinhughestv on Dailymotion. Find out when Ashes to Ashes is on TV, including Series 3-Episode 5. Ashes to Ashes. However, when someone takes a pot shot at Frank ,Hunt and his team suspect that the visitors are lying. Crucially, this episode shows an ensemble cast and a director responding to a bloody good script and, by doing so, they take the series to another level where all the elements that we admire across an entire series of Ashes To Ashes are crammed very effectively into just 58 minutes. 4. 10. Alex thought she'd finally made it home, but wakes to find herself in a hospital bed back in 1983, having been shot by her boss, DCI Gene Hunt, three months ago. Series 3: Episode 5. An overview of your most recently watched episodes and most total watched shows. Add the first question. Ashes to Ashes January 25, 2012. Life On Mars was always going to be a tough act to follow. S03 E06 Episode 6. • “By the time you get halfway through series three of Ashes To Ashes, you will actually feel like you're watching series five of Life On Mars” • “ The idea was to get darker with each series: series one would be quite frothy and iconically '80s, then series two we would peel back the layers and get a bit darker, series three we would get right down to the nitty gritty.” Retrieved 17 March 2010. Alex thought she'd finally made it home, but wakes to find herself in a hospital bed back in 1983, having been shot by her boss, DCI Gene Hunt, three months ago. Rate. don @ minifie-1. 1 Synopsis 2 Cultural references 3 Cast 4 Music A violent burglary sends the team to Alex's (future) in-laws' house, where she comes face-to-face with Peter, the 14-year old father-to-be of Molly. DI Alex Drake of the Metropolitan Police is taken hostage and shot, and wakes to find herself apparently thrown back … Like its two predecessors, the Ashes to Ashes, Series 3 soundtrack is comprised of early-'80s pop favorites, most of them British in origin, interspersed with dialogue from the television show and kicks off with a David Bowie song, in this case "Let's Dance." However, when someone takes a pot shot at Frank ,Hunt and his team suspect that the visitors are lying. Episode 8. Ashes to Ashes Season 3 Episode 4: Series 3, Episode 4 Summary: Gene and the team follow a van they think contains a large amount of heroin. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 Production 4.1 Music 5 Continuity DCI Jim Keats is wrapping up his report on DCI Gene Hunt and his team in CID, yet he continues to push Alex to do whatever she can to find out what really … The first se­ries of Ashes to Ashes shows a 21st-cen­tury po­lice of­fi­cer, De­tec­tive In­spec­tor Alex Drake (Kee­ley Hawes) is in­ves­ti­gat­ing the notes Sam Tyler (John Simm) wrote. Quick Filter - Add shows to favourites - View most popular shows, Wandavision - Marvel's REAL first TV show starts today on Disney+, Firefly Reboot at Disney Might Not Be The Serenity Fans Want, Disney Day 2 - Marvel Has Ten New Upcoming Shows, Disney Day 1: Nine Star Wars Shows Announced, The CW Announces Premieres of Flash, Riverdale, Superman & Lois, Walker and More, Netflix bringing Ubisofts 'Assassin's Creed' Universe to Life, Quibi Shuts Down After Six Months - Quick Bites Indeed, Disney Makes Everyone Happy by Announcing Willow TV Series, Dexter Returning for Ten Episode Revival in 2021, The 100 returns for seventh and final season - Prequel spin-off planned. Directed by Jamie Payne. 05. Great fun with a returning character too. There's a clash … Ashes to Ashes Series 3 Episode 5. A conman and former cellmate of the riot leader claims to be Sam Tyler, shocking Alex to the core while Chris and Ray are in mortal danger when their undercover rescue attempt is rumbled by the prisoners. Directed by Alrick Riley. The fifth episode of the second series of the British science fiction police procedural drama series Ashes to Ashes was broadcast by BBC One on 18May 2009. Rate. Season 3, Episode 5. Shop. After the team's attempt to stop a prison riot goes badly wrong and Sergeant Viv Jamesis taken captive, Gene and Alex must negotiate with the leader of the revolt and save their colleague. Title: ... 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Ian Wylie of the Manchester Evening News has posted a detailed look at the Ashes to Ashes DVD which will be released on 5 May, 2008. Ashes to Ashes Series 3 Episode 5. Things take an unexpected turn when Alex is kidnapped. January 25, 2012. The original transmission stream (higher quality) can be downloaded here if anybody would like it: 1 Summary 2 Guest Cast 3 Detailed Story Recap 4 Vampire Lore 5 Fan Fiction 6 Fan Videos 7 Quotes 8 Notes 8.1 Behind the Scenes 8.2 Continuity 8.3 Canadian Content 8.4 Goofs 9 See also When a headless corpse is found in the beer fridge at the Raven and the missing head is left in … "The Simpsons" is found under "S", All current and ended shows are viewable on these pages. S03 E07 Episode 7. TV Show directory - Ashes to Ashes. The finest touches of Series 3 of Ashes to Ashes were the introduction of Jim Keats, a sinister and mysterious character played brilliantly by Daniel Mays, the episodes focusing on exploring and developing Chris, Ray or Shaz respectively, and, most importantly, the jewel on the Ashes/Mars crown, that astounding final episode.

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