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I was utterly captivated by the concept—although the unique spiral design of the 100-year-old wrought iron courting candle was likely created as a mere practicality to keep the melting candle in place and from slipping. You Learn Something New In Every Book. This title is a lure in itself for any book loving folks. • The Fugates, a family that lived in the hills of Kentucky, commonly known as the "Blue Fugates" or the "Blue People of Kentucky", are notable for having been carriers of a genetic trait that led to the blood disorder methemoglobinemia, which causes the appearance of blue-tinged skin.. Ancestry. Deep in the woods of Kentucky, a fiercely private family gave birth to blue-skinned children since the 1800s. From a childhood in foster care to a lifelong love for librarians, author Kim Michele Richardson shares the deep, personal connection to her new novel, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. The mountain man had many intriguing stories about living in a fire tower and generously shared them over a modest Christmas meal. And what a fascinating story it was. • Cussy lives as the town outcast with her coal-mining father and works as a packhorse librarian in Appalachia, delivering books … Pa lit a "courting candle", intent upon making sure Cussy "will knot". When I finished this book, I thought it was such a good story and I immediately gave it four stars, but then I thought about it more as I was writing this. This book explores the life of Cussy Carter, the last living female of the rare Blue People ancestry and is based on true life. Submission Guidelines, © 1996-2021 BookPage and ProMotion, inc. | 2143 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212, 2021 preview: Most anticipated children's books, 2021 preview: Most anticipated mysteries & thrillers. Blue People of Kentucky: Why the Fugate Family Had Blue Skin. Mary is good people, generous and a fighter, and together with her old grey mule Junia delivers books, recipes, patterns and messages deep into the woods....even as she is being watched and hunted. He was also very, very blue. Sit back, relax, and read the amazing but true genetic tale of the Blue People of Kentucky. It worked. 9781492671527 Maybe even a little worse. A compelling and story about adaptability, and courage, told With compassion and delicacy Kim Michele Richardson presents a little known chapter of American history that is inspired by the true blue skinned people of Kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse Library service of the 1930s. In fact an entire family from isolated Appalachia were blue. Old color photographs of the family clearly show about half of the members to have a distinct cobalt blue skin color, while the other have regular white skin color. Troublesome almost misnomer of limited location to the backwoods of Kentucky. Nicknamed Bluet, Mary loves her freedom and job delivering and reading her books....even teaches some of her patrons to read, those who do not fear her color. Cussy Mary Carter is a 19-year-old from Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. And this book would win, hands down, also because of the intriguing inclusion of one of the Blue People of Kentucky as the lead character. Welcome back. • Their father and daughter relationship is a close one, and a joy to behold. Amina kindly showed me around the pastoral grounds and inside the old antebellum farmhouse that she occupied. Yes, apparently blue people existed in Kentucky and were treated no better than the blacks. Cussy Mary Carter is a book woman, part of the Pack Horse Library Project. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I received an ARC of this one from Netgalley but it’s long since out and I am just catching up. She was socially isolated, treated like an outcast. ISBN This novel is a love letter to books. I know I'm rowing against the tide in my review of this book, but my 3 stars is for the things I liked, and I'm not subtracting for the things I didn't. Books by Gemma Jun 10, 2019 6:00 pm June 10, 2019. She has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, building houses, and is an advocate for the prevention of child abuse and domestic violence, partnering with the U.S. Navy globally to bring awareness and education to the prevention of domestic violence. Cussy, nicknamed "Bluet", was subjected to taunts, prejudice and continuous ridicule due to her cobalt-blue skin color. • In 2016, I had the honor of meeting the talented Georgia playwright and writer Amina S. McIntyre, who was staying nearby at a Kentucky nature conservancy for an artist-in-residency program that I’d supported. Just feast your eyes upon all of these debut books to check out and emerging authors to... To see what your friends thought of this book, Book Woman is a far better piece of writing and has the added aspect of the blue people. As the story goes, Martin Fugate, a French orphan, settled on the banks of eastern Kentucky's Troublesome Creek around 1820 to claim a land grant. I love discovering new information from my fiction reads! At a time when white was the only colour to be, these blue skinned people were shunned as 'coloured' and excluded from m Eventually I found one: a small curiosity to be admired, more decor than practical. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. This was real. She is the author of the bestselling memoir The Unbreakable. Glad you loved it, too. H. Cussy Mary Carter was arguably the last "blue skinned person" in Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. This book was beautifully written and researched. She paused to point out an antique courting candle, which ended up becoming an important theme in my novel and inspired the first pages of The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. Cawein had just started work at the University of Kentucky’s Lexington medical clinic. The only similarities that I noticed were: Kim Michele Richardson lives in Kentucky and resides part-time in Western North Carolina. Cussy Mary Carter was arguably the last "blue skinned person" in Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. When I finished this book, I thought it was such a good story and I immediately gave it four stars, but then I thought about it more as I was writing this. Thanks to President Roosevelt's NEW DEAL and WPA (Works Progress Administration) program, horse and mule riding librarians took to the remote backroads, more like overgrown trails through the woods and mud-packed steep mountains delivering and talking books. She is the author of the bestselling memoir The Unbreakable Child, and a book critic for the New York Journal of Books. He married a red-haired American named Elizabeth Smith with a very pale complexion. A few months back, I came across a novel by Kentucky writer Kim Michele Richardson, “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.” Compulsively readable, Richardson’s novel tells the story of Cussy Carter, the last of the “Kentucky Blue” people, who takes a job with the Depression-era WPA Pack Horse Library project to deliver books into the remote mountains of eastern Kentucky. 05/07/2019, Bookstore When little Benjamin “Benjy” Stacy was born in a small hospital near Hazard, Kentucky, he was the picture of health. A pack librarian in the Kentucky Appalachians, she delivers books to folks living in the hollers. This is a fascinating book full of historical facts that I never knew before. Library Page Contents. Living in a backwoods, one-room log house, life was a struggle for the nineteen year old and her pa, a coal miner. Monday through Saturday our reality is tunnel visioned into what we see, touch and feel. She and her father consider themselves to be the last of the blue people of Kentucky, a genetic trait passed on, but they don't know this yet. This is especially true of the ‘Blue People of Kentucky’. I have much empathy for marginalized people, for anyone who has faced or faces prejudices and hardships. Her rare condition called methemoglobinemia caused decreased oxygenation in the blood producing blue skin. ♥. What a heartfelt and very important book! The Blue people of Kentucky were segregated in the 1930s much the same as those who had anything but white skin. Inspired by the true blue-skinned people of Kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse library service of the 1930s, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman’s belief that books can carry us …

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