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Thanks! 2. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Lombok, Indonesia on Tripadvisor: See 274,053 traveler reviews and photos of Lombok tourist attractions. Tanjung A’an Bay is another stunner! Gili Air is the second largest of the three main Gili Islands and is a good choice if … Whilst exploring this island we were left wondering why so many tourists and travellers pass it by! The breeze was totally heaven as well! Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Lombok, Indonesia on Tripadvisor: See 274,053 traveller reviews and photos of Lombok tourist attractions. Trek to Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Sandwiched between Bali and West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok is a breezy, tropical island bursting with potential for outdoor sports and adrenaline activities. Very similar to Selong Belanak Beach but heaps smaller in size! So either base yourself here for the beautiful sunset views or if like us you have small kids (we didn’t want to try and get down the hill with our little ones in the dark) why not venture over to Kuta Cabana for some sunset views from a further distance! Ashtari is a pretty popular stopping point for travellers! The beach has a peaceful vibe to it. xx. Do bargain the price a bit. Surf at Tanjung Aan Beach. The Easy Guide on How to get from Bali to Lombok Island! But we just totally enjoyed chilling out here and we had a bit of fun chatting to all the locals as well! So most tourists, simply come and book in to their favourite luxurious resort and just stay! Within only a short taxi ride to Bangsal Harbour and a quick speedboat trip of only around 20 min you will find yourself in a totally different world! And since then we have travelled to a multitude of countries and destinations in a desire to see more, explore more and discover more! 13 of the Absolute Best Things to do in Lombok Island, Indonesia! How bad is the rainy season in November vs. December vs. January vs. February? On the drive from Kuta to Senggigi (around 1.5 hour drive) you can stop over in the traditional Sasak Village called Sade in Rambitan. We are heading to lombok next year with our 4 and 6 year olds, and are thinking about staying in Kuta or south Lombok somewhere (as well as 5 days on Gili Air). After the 2018 earthquakes, tourism slowed down significantly on the island and the local economy took a … Senggigi is the most popular destination for tourists travelling to Lombok. Watch the nightly turtle show at the Lombok Grill. How bad is the rainy season in November vs. December vs. January vs. February? Relax on Gili Air. Book in to a Luxurious Hotel and simply enjoy the luxury at a super affordable price! My wife and I will have about a month. Within the surfing community, Lombok already holds a reputation as one of the best surfing destinations in Asia.But big, badass waves are just the beginning of what the island has to offer on sea, land, and even in the air. Only a few travellers along the shores and lovely shallow, calm ocean water for the kids to have a play in. Which Lombok beach do you think is the most beautiful. All Rights Reserved.Our Story | Contact Us | Family Travel Group |Work with Us | In the NewsPrivacy Policy | Disclaimer | Sitemap. Kuta Cabana is set back behind Kuta up in the hills. So much to see here, and so many unique and diverse landscapes to explore! My favorite thing to do is to just drive around the south part of the island on … These two waterfalls are within close vicinity to each other and whilst both are very different to the next, they make a great day out in nature! The sand on this beach is actually white, but due to some tiny pieces of bright red coral skeletons of Organ Pipe corals. Lombok deserves a visit and it deserves a big chunk of your holiday time as there are so many options of what to do in Lombok. If you are staying We have reviews of the best places to see in Lombok. it has a pink hue. When we return to Lombok, I want to stay at Selong Belanak Beach . Our post dedicated to Gili Islands is coming soon! It happens to be one of the highlights of the island and I think that once you see the views from the rim of the volcano you will understand why! Originally from South Africa, now living in Australia, Jolene is a wife and a mother to three beautiful daughters. Press J to jump to the feed. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Our trip to Lombok was also more than just an adventure, we had the goal of bringing more tourism back to Lombok. It would be truly easy to just totally veg out here for an entire day! Of course the main streets in Kuta close to the beach is lined with market stalls for the tourists and you will find loads of cafes and wood fired pizza cafes there too. So do slow down when you get to that section of your drive. Hi Jolene Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We are a family of wanderlusters on a mission to explore the World! Lovely, do enjoy the beach Simone! More Lombok. Seger Beach is to me probably the most unique beach out of all the beaches around this side of Lombok. Main Camera: Canon EOS 90D; Go To Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm; In addition, Bali is really beautiful as well. Why not organise a day trip up into the North regions of Lombok. We loved our adventure through this island and with so many options of what there is to do in Lombok, we highly recommend that you do stay and visit this gorgeous place for a while! My wife and I will have about a month. It is still incredibly beautiful to see and worth the trip if you do happen to have time! How long does the rain last? Lombok Island in Indonesia surprised us! 11. Honestly with it being such an easy and cheap destination to visit after your holiday in Bali, we truly do not understand why this island is still mainly undiscovered by tourists …. Having naan and butter chicken at Selong Belanak Beach and take some photographs it will be! Things to Do in Lombok, Indonesia: See Tripadvisor's 59,642 traveler reviews and photos of Lombok attractions. We mostly just hired a driver for the whole day to take us around. Highly rated activities with free entry in Lombok: The top things to do for free. I didn’t actually get to do this but apparently the turtles all come up as the sun sets and you can see them from the restaurant. It was a peaceful spot to place ourselves after busy days of exploring! Of course the popular Gili Islands is easily accessed from this side of Lombok Island. You can read about our favourite Senggigi resort here. I want to slow down to Lombok pace, simply hang out with the buffalos and the locals. 2% of it was crazy getters and setters doing things like combining two fields into one getter, or … Here you will find more local activity as well, and maybe a few kids trying to sell you some fresh coconut or handmade bracelets. You will see loads of people buzzing around with scooters and surfboards, heading back and forth to some of the most beautiful beaches you might ever see. Lombok is one of the greatest places in Indonesia, a big island full of nature and not so crowded as the Gilis. Lombok Island is no exception but that does not mean it is a bad place. It was the spiciest thing I have ever eaten, but so delicious that I didn't want to stop. We mellowed out here for a while! Here you can afford the luxury that you normally can’t afford elsewhere! And to add another note, the beaches here are WAY superior to those in Bali! For information on the best resort to stay at in Lombok, Senggigi, click here: Checking in to the sensational Jeeva Klui Resort, Senggigi. Travel teaches us a lot of things. There is a reason why this one is on our list of ‘Best things to do in Lombok', even though we haven't experienced it first hand yet! I reckon that Selong Belanak Beach is without a doubt the best beach in Lombok, Indonesia!!! not that we mind, as that was one of the things we loved about Lombok: the quiet, raw, wild island with its truly diverse landscape! They aren’t taxi’s but the hotel you stay at will have a few people who they can buzz to take you around. You can book various multi-day, guided tours to the Crater Lake. The village is still inhabited by Sasak people, however on arrival to the village you will be greeted by a tour guide who will whizz you through the village and share some insight into the culture! I think my favourite parts of the tour was being allowed into one of the Sasak Village houses. You will see loads of people buzzing around with scooters and surfboards, heading back and forth to some of the most beautiful beaches you might ever see. Just arrived in Kuta after travelling for some months and were wondering what to do first (tomorrow). For information how to get from Bali to Lombok, check out the link below: How to get from Bali to Lombok Island (and Vice Versa). We wish to return and we wish to stay for longer!

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